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Monthly Newsletter Service

Our newsletter service provides a monthly online newsletter for all of our topics. You can access the current edition for any available topic with the links provided on the side bar.

Visitors can stay updated with the newest selected articles by viewing our online Newsletter and can use the InfoMedLink articles on our home page to view all the articles selected for 2004 -2009. If you have read the information found in the topics listed on the front page and in the archives, viewing the Online Newsletter on a monthly basis will keep you updated with just the most recent article additions - a great way to save time!

Our November, 2009 newsletter is now available - posted December 1, 2009. The later editions are also available (click on the appropriate newsletter edition). Our goal is to have our most recent newsletter available at the beginning of each month.

The newsletters contain the same medical and health links found in InfoMedLinks on our home page. For some topics, they are arranged or grouped differently. The newsletters contain article links only for the prior month, while the InfoMedLinks contain all the links for the year (an accumulation of all the months). All selected current links are added daily to InfoMedLinks. Only the selections added within the last 30 days are found in our online newsletter.

Our email Alert also provides a link to our InfoMedSearch Weekly Featured Articles. Selected articles from InfoMedSearch.com from the past week (Monday - Sunday) will be available on Mondays - uploaded for viewing usually Monday mornings (US Central Standard Time). Our goal is to keep our subscribers informed and updated weekly on important medical topics and issues (free).

Our Weekly Featured Articles will contain important selections from all of our topics. They will include many of the featured articles presented on our home page, but with more selections we believe will be of interest to all of our subscribers. Healthly living (nutrition, exercise, lifestyle), Prevention and Risk Reduction will be emphasized.

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Notification Service

If you would like to be notified when new content goes online (once a month), please send your email address to:

alerts@infomedsearch.com and please write "Monthly" in the email's Subject space. Our email provider returns blank emails to the sender.

After we process the request (1-2 days), you will receive a confirmation email. If you do not receive a response from us or you do not receive our alerts, please check your spam-filter settings, or contact your email administrator or Internet Service Provider. Some ISPs may inadvertently filter out opt-in email alerts in an effort to remove unwanted spam. We do have emails returned to us because they have been blocked.